How To Find Cheap Insurance For Cars?

You require car insurance before you can even take your car out of the dealership. For this reason, most people make the mistake of opting for insurance directly from the dealership. However, you should know that you could bargain even with the dealer to get your insurance rates lowered depending on several factors. Here are a few points that can and do influence your car insurance policy and premium rates.

Pick a cheap car — When you are buying a car, consider buying a common domestic model. The simpler the car, the lesser the chances of it being stolen and insurance underwriters also have an accurate idea of the car, its reputation, working and maintenance requirements. As a result, a Ford (domestic and common car) would be cheaper to insurance as compared to a Bugatti that is an imported luxury vehicle.


Avoid car modifications like custom jobs — Custom jobs are not a good idea as they make a car much more likely to be robbed. However, increasing safety features in the car are likely to result in cheaper insurance premiums and even discounts. Most insurance underwriters hike insurance rates for cars with custom paint jobs, alloy wheels and body kits. Avoid all these modifications and install extra safety devices like safety belts, extra alarm system, GPS systems, automatic locks and anti-theft devices. These additional safety devices automatically make underwriters discounts your premiums and make your insurance policy cheaper.

Take safety driving classes — Advanced safety driving classes are an excellent way of getting cantiondotcom┬ácheap insurance policies. Advanced driving means that you have a lower chance of accidents. These courses are only about 6 hours long and all insurance providers provide really good discounts if you and all drivers listed on a policy have additional safety driving courses.

Pay your policy every month — All insurance companies usually charge you a lump sum at the end of the year. However, you can easily pay your policy every month and it will be a far smaller amount than the yearly amount. If you pay your policy monthly, the underwriter will also automatically provide a discount. We also recommend you set up automatic credit facilities so that the payments are automatically removed from your account. This simplifies the process and ensures that your policy is up to date.

Choose the right policy — Not all car insurance policies are right for you. Consider the policy you are going to take and always compare them with two or three different policies to ensure that you get the best rate. We also recommend that you get in touch with a broker or an insurance comparison calculator website to find a good policy for your particular needs.

Reduce your mileage — If you don’t drive your car too much, a lower mileage automatically makes you eligible for a lower insurance premium. However, this will not work when you two or three drivers on the same policy driving the same car. Click to see more articles now!

The bottom line

Cheap insurance sounds attractive but you should know that you get what you pay for. If you have a high accident rate and several young drivers using the same care, we recommend getting the best car insurance policy rather than a cheap insurance policy. It could make a significant difference in case something happens to your car while you or someone else is driving.